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About Me

I’m a Geek

I’m a geek. Plain and simple. I geek out about technology, science, science fiction/fantasy, music, and wine and other adult beverages. Just like anyone else I have varied interests.


I love all things “tech.” OK, maybe not Windows. I tolerate that 😉 From computers, to cameras, phones, accessories, I either own it or I like reading about it. I’m not necessarily an expert in any one area of technology, but I have a good familiarity. I don’t have the latest and greatest über expensive DSLR, or video camera, or iMac Pro, etc. But I do get the best bang for my buck in what I buy. Even if it’s super cheap.

I listen to a computer security podcast called Security Now. Since it started in 2005. I watched TechTV in the day. Listened to TWiT podcasts for years (that one fell by the wayside as I have too many other podcasts to listen to). I get a few daily technology newsletters in my email each day. So if it tech related, then I’ve probably at least heard about it.


This goes hand-in-hand with technology. My original degree plan was Astronomy. Halfway through I switched to Music. But I still have an aptitude for science subjects, with space being my main interest. Don’t ask me to comprehend an Organic Chemistry textbook geared towards wine (I recently trudged my way through one). I may not understand it completely, but I’ll understand the concepts.

Science Fiction/Fantasy

Again related to the above two subjects. I won’t list all the movies, TV shows, books, etc. I like. Just know that I like a lot of it. Some of it not so much, but I do enjoy the genre.


While music may not be as big of a passion for me like it was in my college years, I still enjoy critical listening to music. Call it the equivalent of analyzing a glass of wine. I enjoy picking out the individual parts of a song. And sometimes I just listen to music for the enjoyment. Someday I’ll get back into composing. Until then….

Wine (and other adult beverages)

Wine is my biggest passion. I’ve already mentioned elsewhere my podcast. And my resumé lists all my professional wine stuff. Wine is unlike any other beverage. When it’s well made it can transport you to the place it is from. While the concept of terroir may seem silly to many people, having not only studied wine for a long time, but also traveled to where it’s made, it makes sense. I like to call myself the Will Rogers of wine. “I’ve never met a wine I didn’t like.” Not entirely true and not an exact copy of his quote. But you get the point.

Beer and Spirits? I love them too. Sometimes you just have to have a beer. Or a good Scotch or cocktail. Whatever is appropriate for the situation is what I like to drink. Even if it’s just plain old water, which I drink a lot of.


With all that you’d think I didn’t follow sports. I do. Football & Basketball are my favorites. I also love to watch Soccer and Baseball and an occasional Hockey game. I’d rather watch SportsCenter than the news.

Other Stuff

There are so many other things I could list, but then so would anyone else. Just know that I’m curious about the world around me. Maybe I’ll take in interest in it, maybe I won’t. But I’m always looking to learn and explore. Hence why I travel to wine areas.