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Wine World TV

WWTV is the evolutionary next step of my former website and show 1337 Wine. I launched WWTV October 5th 2020. It’s a complete rebrand of 1337 Wine. Reviews, interviews, education, and other content is what you can find there. I bill it as “The Best Wine Show Anywhere” because I truly believe I deliver the best content of anyone our there.

With the new show, I’ve upped my game on the production of it. I’ve streamlined and tighten much of the content. I’ve added value with my use of Google Earth to show wine growing areas and wineries. I use Google Earth in conjunction with drone footage I may have taken on any winery visit. I make use of various graphical elements to present pertinent information for my viewers.

No one else does exactly what I do or how I do it. With WWTV my goal is to deliver a professional level TV production. Well researched, expertly presented, creative, and unique to the wine and beverage world.

Be sure to check it out here and feel free to give me your thoughts. If you want to be on the show, or have your product on the show, let me know.